Electricity Unit


The Origin of Electric Vocabulary - James Sheils

Lab Activity: Getting a Charge out of Everyday Things
Film: 'Story of Electricity' hosted by Dr. Jim Khalidi
The Story of Electricity Part 1

WKRP: Venus explains 'the atom'
PhET's Static Electricity Simulation
PhET: John Travoltage

TVO - Insulators & Conductors

PPT Nature of Electricity
TVO videos:
1.Charging and Discharging
2. Charging by induction

TVO Charging and Discharging: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crOmf6z1M40

Demonstration: Van de Graaf Generator

Applications of Electrostatics
TVO - Charging and Discharging

photocopier video
Lightning video TVO
lightning images
how lightning works
How Lightning works animation
How to survive a lighting storm
electrostatic painting

self-QUIZ- Electrostatics
TVO - Charging by Induction

Charging by Contact Lab Activity

Demonstrations: Wimhurst Machine and Tesla Coil
Introduction to Electric Circuits


Potential Difference

Series and Parallel circuits
Jelly Bean Circuits Activity

Circuit Building

Computer Lab Research:
Energy City
Recognizing bias in research
Tour of Green Energy Home
Earl of March's solar panels
Minute Physics: How Modern Light Bulbs Work


Test Review